By Danial Norjidi

Hadfa Enterprise serves tasty food in a green surrounding

Article from Borneo Bulletin. Published on Tuesday Jan, 25 2011

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Tasty food, a unique location and karaoke are all the pulling factors for the latest restaurant to open its doors in Brunei, Hadfa Enterprise.

All these were all noted by members of the press and local bloggers during a recent press event where the media was given the opportunity to see exactly what the new restaurant has to offer.

The first thing to note when one visits Hadfa Enterprise's restaurant is the location. Customers are treated to green surroundings, with trees framing the restaurant.

Once inside, it's down to the food. Served during the press event were a number of different dishes, namely Buttermilk Chicken, Fried Kuey Tiaw, Chinese-style Chicken Chop, Butter Prawn, Fried Rice, Fish and Chips and Nasi Lemak.

Among the dishes that stood out on the night was the Nasi Lemak - rice served as it is traditionally with sambal, ikan pusu and tender, tasty beef rendang. The beef served with the nasi lemak proved to be popular with all the tasters.

Another dish was the Buttermilk Chicken. The Buttermilk Chicken served at Hadfa Enterprise is a delectable dish that boasts a tender, creamy texture and rich in flavour and is sure to be a favourite among customers.

The Fish and Chips is another notable dish, with a crispy exterior covering the soft, tender fish within served with a helping of chips.

After tasting the food, it was pointed out that Hadfa also offers karaoke in three languages - Malay, English and Chinese.

The family who owns the restaurant also said that catering services would be up and running soon, and the restaurant would also be available as a venue for private functions.

The restaurant can be found opposite the Horticulture Centre near the Tungku-Link Highway.

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