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Quality Italian furniture hits Brunei market

Article from Borneo Bulletin Sunday. Published on Sunday Jun, 20 2010

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High-quality exclusive Italian furniture are hitting Brunei's market like a storm with Dat-co Design (B) Sdn Bhd officially launching the luxury Italian furniture with the opening ceremony for its showroom today at 10am.

The ranges of extravagant Italian furniture that are available at the showroom include Armani Casa, Fendi Casa, Versace Home, Jumbo, Cappelletti, Malerba, Armando RHO, JC Passion, Oak, Co-Lombo Mobili, Medea, Baldi and Zanaboni.

Yesterday, four of the famous Italian furniture suppliers have arrived Brunei for the special occasion and has expressed their optimism of breaking into the Brunei market.

The Italian suppliers also took the time to speak with the public on the ranges of Italian furniture that best-suits the comfy surrounding of people's homes.

Andrea Caponi, the Marketing Director of CIAC Export expressed, "We are proud to be able to enter the Brunei market and we hope that our products will be well-received by the local market."

Built on a more modern concept, his furniture brand 'Malebra' is more acceptable by the general market.

He also highlighted, "Malebra is of high quality with fine detail and design."

Meanwhile, Mr Cappelletti Tino of Cappelletti furniture and accessories factory said that "In Brunei, 30 to 40 per cent of furnitures come from East Asia like China while the remaining market are from US, Europe, Middle East and Russia. Therefore, I see that there is still a market here."

He added, "Cappelletti has actually entered the Brunei market in 1990, some 20 years ago. And now I see that there is a huge change in the people where the country has good sense of fashion, car and furniture."

Mr Cappelletti Tino revealed that he has brought in 30 to 35 pieces of furniture for the Brunei market

Mr Arch Livio Ballabio the designer of Jumbo collection luxurious furniture in an interview said, "Our Jumbo furniture has been in Brunei some 20 years ago. I find the Brunei market interesting. Our collection of Jumbo furniture that is being displayed in Dat-co is very suitable to Brunei and I feel that there is a niche market for the products."

He also added, "I think the market here is not that competitive in terms of Italian-make furniture."

The designer of Jumbo collection also revealed that the current trend of furniture is of golden and brown colour similar to the hot fashion trend now.

Another famous Itlaian furniture brand, Armando RHO originated from three generations. Mr Dott Ivan Rho, the General Manager in an interview said, "My family started to develop a wide range of furniture since 1930 and then our business expanded to overseas."

He described Armando RHO as a unique and luxurious furniture brand where each sets can be customised to the customer's taste.

He also felt that Brunei Darussalam has a niche market for Italian furniture. However, since this is the first time Armando RHO has reached the shore of the country, he is still testing the market response.

He said, "I can see that there is a niche market for high-end furniture here and I am here to see how the market would responsed."

The whole two-storey building of Dat-co has been refurnished and redesigned into a contemporary Italian look.

The grand ribbon cutting ceremony of the re-opening will take place today at the showroom located at Jln Tutong, Mile 4 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dat-co.

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