By Rohani Hj Abd Hamid

The benefits of Umrah during Ramadhan

Article from Borneo Bulletin. Published on Tuesday Sep, 09 2008

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The month of Ramadhan is an auspicious opportunity for the faithful to renew their commitment to Allah SWT and during this month every good deed will be rewarded more than at any other time during the year.

Muslims are encouraged to strive to worship Allah as best and as sincerely as they can from the beginning of the month, for this, it is believed, would increase the chances of the end of the month being prosperous as well. One way to gain more spiritual rewards during Ramadhan is by performing the Umrah, as it is equal to the divine rewards as that of performing the Haj, which is why performing the Umrah during the month of Ramadhan is increasingly becoming a popular choice amongst Muslims in the Sultanate.

The experience of spending Ramadhan in the two holy cities of Mecca and Madinah, where the good deeds of Ramadhan can be performed such as the terawih prayers, the early morning pre-dawn prayers and the breaking of the fast. They are among the special and rare opportunities that sway a lot of people to prefer to opt for the holy land instead of travelling to other destinations during Ramadhan.

Several local travel agents are offering Umrah packages during this holy month and also during the school holidays. The Titian Travel & Tour agency is offering its Umrah package from February until September. A group of 28 people from the Titian Travel & Tour package is now in Mecca performing their Umrah from the first day of Ramdahan and are expected to return on the eighth day of Ramadhan.

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